Objections Help Us All Learn to Do Better

We Love Them All...Share With Us Any Objection

We understand you have a lots of Objections so we compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and objections to help make certain you feel great about your new purchase!  Please remember to visit our FAQ Page after you see this.

Answers to your frequently stated Objections:

1. We Don’t Have an Apple or Android Tablet?

Regardless of what business you are in, when you experience the ease, dependability and flexibility of using an Apple iPad or Android Tablet, you will figure many great uses of an ipad— Visit Apple Here

  • what is the cost of your business not closing work based on not the best of visual representation in your proposals?
  • how do you check field measurements?
  • how much time is spent giving estimates, only to find out after you spend hours measuring, that the client did not have the budget to do what you spent the last couple hours reviewing.  Our Show Up Prepared Video Will Help You Understand Easier!
  • most users of Wheelifoff who bought an ipad only for use with WheelitOff found out that they used the iPad for many different things that grew their business such as video, email, presentations, showing job-site photos and more.
2. We Use Other Online Tools That Are The Same!
  • WheelitOff is mobile, in the field with you and your customer.  All other online tools you must be behind a computer.
  • WheelitOff is simple for anyone of any background to immediately start to use and be efficient.  Compare our simple one finger tap and go to any other tool.   Please see the experience you will have at our online tutorials
  • You can save maps & images, email and download to use as amazing exhibits to win work, stay organized and make your life easier.
  • We give you access to more than 9 Different Maps to help give you the best, most accurate view possible.
  • WheelitOff price is $300 per user, one time fee! Other tools will cost you $4 per  measurement.
  • We believe measuring is not the most important use….it is the ability to sit with a client and strategize a plan based on discussions and the ability to quickly measure, mark and present a variety of options live with the client using WheelitOff.  Nothing compares to this simple, powerful experience.
3. I Want to Test This Before I Buy

Currently Apple/Android does not allow any test before you can purchase an app.  See an Example of how you can Create a Landscape Proposal of an 11-Acre Site in 10 minute video here.

Our price is $300 on apple and $200 on Android and we provide amazing video throughout the entire site showing you how simple, amazing and easy WheelitOff is to use, with excellent clear imagery!

Please Contact Us if you would like to have a live demonstration at anytime!