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Wheel It Off is an Apple or Android application where in seconds you can measure anything on the outside of a property with multiple distances, perimeters and areas with ease! The Cost is $300 for the Apple App & $200 for the Android App.  Most users are up and running in under 15 minutes!  It is the only online measuring tool that integrates with  & which enables you to create, manage, track proposal and the people who write them. Show up Prepared to win more work and this video shows you how to do that!

Screen Shot on ipad of WheelitOff

Screen Shot of WheelitOff

Our team was in the pavement maintenance & construction industry servicing the commercial, industrial, municipal & state markets.  We understand early on that is was important to help your customers understand in the simplest manner that you are there to solve a problem.  We also understand that there is no better tool to help you demonstrate what you are going to do than a map/photo tool that can help you show your client exactly what & why your proposed solution is the best!  Our team helped build many of the other online measuring tools that are pay per measurement, however they were to complicated and did not meet the need of the contractor.

Using Wheel It Off +, you now will create a simple story for your customers to clearly understand what you are doing and that you are the best provider for this project.

We have  been creating, expanding and revitalizing many of the most innovate tools used in measuring for the paving, concrete, seal coating, roofing, fence, underground utilities, exterminating and many more industries. We will continue to innIpad Measuring Tool with Pavement Layers & WheelitOffovate simple tools that have immediate value to help you save time, money & frustrations while delivering better results to your customers!

As a pavement contractor in Cincinnati, OH, Michael Barrett was introduced and helped straegize with a free online tool that is amazing more than 14 years ago.  Our local county has a tool that shows many more features than you can imagine, and it is free, called CAGIS. Michael used this tool and while consistently improving its use on this while his competition was still telling -vs- showing the solutions to their clients

Michael then worked with Grant Gibson, Founder & President of goiPave/GIS Dynamics, as a strategic sales/marketing/technology consultant, proven expert in the the use and limitations of GIS in the pavement & landscape industries,  and helped to open the market to 2 GIS measuring tools that Grants firm, GIS Dynamics created, goipave & goilawn.   Mike worked on the strategy, user interface, design, technology, sales and marketing execution and was able to attract more than 8,000 viewers in the first week of the launch of this promotional video to connect to the needs of users with the service.  See Videos Here  & Here.

Since that time Michael Barrett worked with Grant Gibson as a consultant, Grant Gibson, the past founder of  GIS Dynamics has since left and moved on to new entrepreneurial adventures.  Mike will continue to innovate products and services to solve problems for contractors & their customers while providing a far superior service in a simple manner.

Mike realized that the iPad & Android Devices enables you to do amazing things in a simple, fast, easy manner.  So he created WheelitOff to use to create amazing experiences for the contractors and their customers.   Mike found the best online measuring tool app source available, and created the brand of Wheel It Off that caters directly to the mobile needs of our customers with ipad Measuring & Marking.

“When you can go see a customer, sit down with them and come up with a strategy on what to do with pricing etc, you change the game at the first point of contact.  Before WheelitOff you had 2 choices; print a map, bring it to the site, mark it up etc–then what?  Or you could bring a laptop, try to connect to the internet somewhere and try to do things with a keyboard, mouse etc.  Both of these are not a simple experience. This is one finger tool that is simple that connects immediately and shows your client you get their needs and issues— do not waste their time and show them value, immediately.

With our Apple & Android measuring & marking tool, WheelitOff,  you now have the ability to mark anything, email it, upload it into a great proposal tool…these are real simple everyday tools that are pain pills for the contractor.  You open up an iPad and viola, you are live doing things with the customer and talking about budgets and plans now— not telling them about what you will do—you are demonstrating what you do!”  See Show Up Prepared Video Now!