What is WheelitOff

BREAKING NEWS– We launched today (July 10, 2014) on Android.  See Here

We can tell you a lot of amazing things, but it will be a lot easier to SHOW YOU HERE

Wheel It Off is an Apple or Android application where in seconds you can measure, mark, present, email and send any property image with amazing features such as multiple zones, shading, custom texts and more.  The Cost is $300 on Apple & $200 on Android- and you are up and running in under 15 minutes.

Can We Share Liscense for Company

You are required to pay per person to either Apple or Google for the use of WheelitOff.  There is no free trial, group purchasing etc.

Our process and tools are all about efficiency, simplicity and making life easy for you, your company & your customers….trying to “get by” to save $300 will always end up costing you 5x more.

How Much Does WheelitOff Cost?
What Device Do I Need to Run WheelitOff?

WheelitOff will work on either Apple or Android.

WheelitOff will not work on a Desktop or Laptop Computer.  Please, before you eliminate this as a tool, get familiar with its capabilities and See WheelifOff Live in Action

We recommend an iPad/Android with Cellular data plan to immediately make your life easier while having your customers love your service like never before!

Do You Offer Support?

Support is included free at all times!  We want you to Love Our Tool and Make Your Life Easier!  Support in provided in a couple different ways.  We have kept the cost extremely low for this tool, so it is important that you use the available tools to learn an understand how to use this tool.

How Long Does it Take To Learn?

Generally, you are measuring and marking and using most of the available tools after about 15-minutes!

Make sure you see all of our Quick-Start Tutorials that make this simple.

What is The Quality of the Maps?

Well, lets us show you and not tell you! Please click the gear button in the bottom right corner of the video and set the video to HD High Quality to see the clarity level.  See WheelitOff Video Here.

We offer more than 10 different available map views.  Though there is no guarantee of coverage everywhere in the world with the most up to date pictures, we are confident we have the most available best resources to provide the most up to date maps.

The resolution and clarity of the images is excellent, with the ability to zoom very close as needed.  Give us a call is you would like to schedule a demo to see this live on screen at anytime!

How Accurate is WheelitOff?

We have customers tell us often that they compared Wheelitoff to other tools that allow online measuring in the industry and it was far more accurate.  They have shared that being able to be on the site with an iPad directly on the property was amazing and the most efficient way to put together measurements, images, areas, and label different items….and they were also able to test and verify accuracy while in the field…fast!

As a former contractor, we understand the importance of accuracy.  We also love the fact that now you can verify measurements out in the field, live.  There are user errors in everything we do at times in life, but it sure nice to be able to have a simple verification at a price of $300 that is so simple & fast to use.  Compare this to anything else in the industry and you will see that there is no comparison with ease of use, accuracy and quality of imagery for the price of $300.

Can I Export Images with Measurments, Shaded Zones Etc?

You have many options on how you can export any of the images in a variety of files in a very simple manner.